Aluminium fabrication in Kollam

Why is Aluminium Used for Fabrication?

The process of converting aluminum into a finished product is known as the aluminium fabrication. Aluminium fabrication includes different processes such as bending, welding, stamping, shearing, extruding and many more. Due to its softness and lightness, aluminium, as a fabrication material, is easy to shape. Variety, one of the leading aluminium fabrication companies provides the best of services to our customers. The properties of aluminium can change depending on how it is used to create alloys by combining with other metals. While every metal has its own merits, aluminium offers some qualities that are suitable for fabrication purposes.

What are the Major Advantages of Aluminium?

The following advantages of aluminum makes it the best choice for many applications including aluminium fabrication:

Resistance to Corrosion

Aluminium resists corrosion because it has a thin oxide coating. It helps the metal to make minimal contact with the environment. It is useful for the applications that are constantly exposed to agents of corrosions as seen in vehicles and kitchens. Our aluminum fabrication sheet is so popular. At Variety, we provide quality materials to our customers. An interesting fact about aluminium is that pure aluminium is more corrosion-resistant than aluminium alloys, except marine magnesium-aluminum alloys. Different kinds of surface treatment such as lacquering, anodising and painting can improve the corrosion resistance of aluminium.

Less Weight

Aluminium is a flexible and light-weight metal, which has about one third weight of steel. Therefore the manufacturing cost of aluminium products is less. It is widely used in vehicles as it reduces the dead-weight and energy consumption. It can give an increased load capacity, reduce noise and increase the comfort levels. By modifying the composition of alloys, aluminium's strength can be changed. Variety is the foremost company that offers quality aluminum fabrication in Kollam.

High Conductivity

Aluminium is a great conductor of both electricity and heat. When compared to copper in relation to the weight, it is twice as good as copper in conductivity. This feature has made aluminium the topmost choice for the lines of power transmission. It also acts as a wonderful heat sink for numerous applications which require heat to drain away quickly.

Easy to Cut

Though aluminum is not the lightest metal in the world, it is exceptionally light and soft. These properties make aluminum easy to cut with various metal-cutting techniques like torching, sawing, shearing, chiseling by machine or hand, water jetting, and plasma jetting. It allows the metal to be cut in precision. Precision cutting ensures that finished metal products contain absolute dimensions. You can trust Variety for any aluminium fabrication needs as we have the best solution for everything.

Easy to Recycle

Waste generation occurs during any metal fabrication project, since the material is cut, manipulated and formed. While it is said that metals are recyclable, aluminium is more recyclable, or 100 percent recyclable. It can be said to be one of the best recyclable materials on earth. An added advantage of the metal is that it will not lose its natural structure after recycling or reusing.

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