1. Why is aluminium used for fabrication?

- Different kinds of materials are frequently employed in aluminium fabrication to produce a range of goods and components. A few materials include
- Aluminium Alloys: The main material utilised in fabrication is various grades of aluminium alloys.

Other materials include aluminium extrusions, aluminium sheets and plates, aluminium castings, aluminium fasteners and hardware and aluminium composite materials.

2. What are the properties of Aluminium?

- Aluminium is solid, nonmagnetic, non-lustrous, silvery-white with a slight bluish tint.
- Aluminium surfaces are highly reflective in nature
- Commercial pure aluminium will be soft. It can be strengthened when alloyed and tempered.

3. What are the techniques of aluminium fabrication?

- Most common aluminium fabrication techniques include extrusion, casting, rolling and forging.

4. What is Glass Fabrication?

- Glass fabrication is the term used to describe all of the operations performed on raw glass material to transform it into a product or functioning component. Cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing, tempering, finishing, and edging are a few examples. Quality and precision are crucial in each of these operations.

5. What is ACP Cladding?

- ACP sheet or Aluminium Composite Panel is a modern kind of cladding material that is used for building front elevation, interiors, modular kitchens and more. They are lightweight, durable and offer high structural performance.

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