Shop Interior Designers in Kochi

Shop Interior Designers in Kochi

The retail interior design or shop interior design is all about one thing – attracting customers to the shop. Here, the primary goal is to attract the customers at the threshold of your store and also to influence them to actually spend their time and money. To attain a best sales output and to gain more profit in the business, shop owners are choosing to have best shop interiors for their shop. With more than a decade of experience in the field and having satisfied clients across Kerala Variety Trading is the best shop interior designers in Kochi.

Important Principles in Shop Interior Designing

Your store layout is one of the most powerful tools that is helping you to make an impact on the customers. Here are few principles that will help you in obtaining a best interior that will give your customers a great in-store experience.

Design and Layout

The design and layout of the store should be tailored as per the kind of product that is being sold. If it is a cloth shop or something like that, it is important to be designed with both permanent and non-permanent design features. This can be done in such a way that, a store is flexible to change its look as per the needs of the merchandise and customers. By doing several commercial interior design works, Variety Traders are the best office interior designers in Kochi.

Windows of the Shop

It is important to keep in mind the power of visual merchandising in retail interiors. Shop windows are very important in order to attract customers. This is to cross the threshold of a store. Shop windows will be the eye of the store and there is a great story in displaying them.


You should pay attention in bringing right ambience with functional lighting. The lights that you choose should not be too harsh and poor lighting. It should not be in such a way that, clients may get uncomfortable with the lighting during their shopping. Thus, the ratio of luminance should decrease between selling areas.

Appeal the Senses

When you are a business owner, focusing on the way your store looks is just not enough. Apart from the visual appeal of your store, the designs and setup will be in that kind that will impact more senses of your customers. Other than the interior designing, Variety Traders are giving best solutions for exteriors also. Thus became a leading exterior designers in Kollam.


The materials that are used in the retail interiors not only needs to be visually appealing. It is important to be well functional with minimum need for maintenance. We are choosing to have durable finishes of the materials to avoid early wear and tear.

Visual Branding

Visual branding will retain a memorable experience for the clients. Moreover, it will play a role in ensuring that the customer need to return. This will help in showcasing important information.


The purpose with a well-executed shop interior is to provide the customers with right perspective. It could be something like a clear view of the interior of the shop from the exterior. Variety Traders are the leading interior designers in Kochi to develop best interior designs for different kinds of spaces.

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